Wirelessly Connects

Smart Applications


With all the smart devices connected together, now you can easily manage with just one click from your smart mobile devices

This will enable you to cater things when you are not at home and that's something that we are pleased to provide you with


We provide such simple solutions for you to control your house with just a click. You dont need to go and turn on the lights, or switch on the AC. With one click, you can do everything as we make solutions so intelligent that can be operated by anyone without having much information about smart homes


I had seen and used some home automation solutions when travelling abroad and was very keen to have the same in the residence I was renovating, however I didnt know where to start or whether it could even be possible in pakistan since such solutions require hands on expertise that should be readily available. I was fortunate to have come across Skyia who guided me throughout the selection process in order to finalise a package that best suited my specific requirements, both current and future. I was very impressed with the professionalism and product knowledge, the assistance with regards to integration with different other components. I am delighted with the final solution that has now been implemented at my residence and am excited to move in to the residence and start using these cutting edge technologies for comfortable living, and better management of all the services available. I must also point out my keen interest in energy efficiency and security, which was fully catered for when designing and implementing the solution. I am very pleased to recommend SKYIA to anyone interested in automation of their residential or commercial spaces ; this is very much the future, and the platform that control4 offers has the added advantage of being very scalable, as new products and solutions are rolled out, the system is unlikely to be obsolete any time soon, which is always a concern with technology.

Shafique Ur-Rehman
(Rehman Medical Institute)

Would like to thank smart homes staff for being very helpful and efficient. They helped every step of the way in renting a property which we have never done before thankyou.

Malik Punjwani

A very professional service provided with lots of support & advice everyone in the house. Very Good communication between consultants and engineers.

Arif Malik